Rubber Dam


Rubber Dam

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Gayaji Rubber Dam, the banks along the Falgu River have also been developed and a steel bridge has been built for pilgrims to visit Sita Kund. The rubber dam is made of 17 mm thick rubber. This dam is 400 meters wide and 3 meters high. After the construction of the dam, its water will be stored for about two and a half kilometers. The height of Bar Dam has been kept at three meters. It will hold water up to three meters. If there is more water than this, the water from the top of the rubber dam will flow downwards i.e. in the north direction. In special circumstances, arrangements have been made to release water from the rubber dam.
It is bulletproof and experts claim that it will not deteriorate for 100 years. This rubber dam, built at a cost of about 312 crores, will keep water throughout the year in the Falgu river. This will facilitate people to take bath, pind daan and perform tarpan. Here people not only from the country but also from abroad come to offer sacrifices to the ancestors for salvation.

How to Reach?

  • By Train: 3.8 KM away from Gaya Junction Railway Station
  • By Air:12.1 KM away from Gaya Airport
  • By Bus: 4 KM away from Gaya Bus Stand

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